DisneyWorld Vacation

Even though I created this album a decade ago, technically, it's only half-finished. I was lucky enough to join my best friend and her parents on another Disney vacation just four years after this one. So many new developments had been made and we took a slew of new photos. By the time I am truly finished with this book, I wouldn't be surprised if it were 40 pages long! But I suppose that's the Disney way: "keep moving forward . . ." -Walt

disney vacation

While not the most professional photo of the bunch, I wanted this book to showcase our Disney Adventure in the way we experienced it. It seemed only fitting that our excited faces arriving on the Disney shuttle be the first photo of the book.

epcot scrapbook

On a vacation so special as this, we of course took hundreds of photos. It was agonizingly difficult to choose just a few favorites and not clutter the page.

disney vacation

My favorite park in the whole place! Meeting Woody definitely deserved 2 photos on this page.

disney scrapbook

I tried to break up posed character photos with candid shots as much as possible.

animal kingdom

Everywhere we went, I tried to collect a little paper memento, i.e. guide map, ticket stub, etc. to use as embellishments. It cuts down on cost of having to buy extra stickers and gives the book some extra authenticity.

disney scrapbook

Anytime we met a bunch of characters in one place, I tried to showcase each of them in a photobooth strip style, using ribbon as framing. This way, I was able to fit more pictures on one page. Wouldn't want to leave anybody out!