Senior Year & HS Graduation

My senior year scrapbook is one I am much more proud of and it was so much fun to put together. Senior year was truly the most exciting of all my high school years and I ended up with so many pictures capturing the journey. I also had memorabilia (cards, notes, tickets, etc.) that I was able to incorporate into a book for the first time. When I feel nostalgic for the "old days," I often find myself going back to this book instead of my high school yearbooks.

senior yearbook

Way more fun than an actual yearbook! It only features me and the people who were special to me that year. Here, I incorporated elements from the graduation announcements.

senior photos

I included a few of my own favorite senior photos and devoted two pages to the senior photos of my friends (not pictured.)

gymnastics scrapbook

Each page devoted itself to an event that happened during the school year: school picnic, senior trip, gymnastics performances, etc.

senior scrapbook

And following my chronological style, the final few pages are devoted to graduation.

senior yearbook

I used this image on the inside of the back cover and surrounded it with funny quotes from friends/teachers that I had written down throughout the year.

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