Merklinghaus Wedding

This wedding album was my very first of the sort and so much fun to work on. I got to experiment with calligraphy and made several of my own unique embellishments for this album.

What the Client had to Say:

"My overall impression: I think that this book is absolutely fantastic! I love that Becky was able to capture the vibe of my wedding and harness it into the scrapbook! The colors and patterns of the embellishments and papers all work perfectly with the colors of my wedding memorabilia, and the colors of the photos!

I love flipping through all the pages and seeing so many of my favorite images, surrounded by captions that were also meaningful. I really liked that Becky was able to incorporate the song lyrics that Lucas' cousin wrote for our ceremony into the pages, along with some of our favorite Bible quotes and other poetic one-liners. I love that the book as a whole has a serious side, but also a fun side (like with some of the photos you chose to include!). I also love the scrapbook Becky selected to use--it's the perfect match!

One of my favorite pages was the "Caption This!" page! I love that Becky picked some great photos that are definitely worthy of captioning with both funny and serious captions! I love the wood paper background that reminds me of the barn that our reception was held in! And I love the color scheme and layout--how it is fun and happy and beautiful! I also love that on the last page "The Getaway" you included pieces of our invitations as the backing paper, the picture of the car, and that the whole layout is timeless and beautiful--the overlapping papers look perfect! All of the pages had a great aesthetic balance of colors, embellishments, and photos which I really cherished!

Overall I think that the scrapbook was everything that I had hoped it would be. It perfectly captures the essence of our wedding--fun, emotional, beautiful, and the happiest day of our lives! I think that you absolutely nailed that! I love that the book reflects our PNW beachy/barn theme without coming off cliche or overdone!

Thank you so much for this amazing book full of perfect memories Becky! I wish you the best of luck with this business endeavor (I think it is an incredible idea, that I'm honestly surprised hadn't been thought of before!), and I will certainly be referring my friends to ShoeBox Scrapbooking who have trips or weddings or occasions of their own that don't have the time (or creative mind) to construct a scrapbook of their own!"

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