A Word About Weddings . . .

When planning a wedding there are so many decisions to make. Months, maybe years of preparation go into the details of one day. Some people might call it the most important day of their lives. However, regardless of how much effort you put into the wedding day - it's still just 24 hours. Wait . . . this is starting to sound depressing!

Let's try this again. All the time (and money) you spend making your wedding day what you dream of is absolutely WORTH IT. But what's most important is what comes happily ever after. While a wedding can be an amazing party you'll never forget, your marriage is what takes the cake! Is that too many puns for one paragraph?

All a wedding really is is a public declaration of the commitment you and your partner have made to be each other's #1 fan for the rest of your lives together. Since it is such a public statement, it's easy to get caught up in the consumerism and pop culture of wedding-mania. Our society tends to place a lot of value on the outward display, making it easy to lose sight of the big picture: your relationship. You're not likely to remember what the cake tasted like if a year later you're divorced. OK, that's two mentions of cake now. Time for a snack break.

All right, back to business. The best part about a wedding - it's yours. In the words of the Isley Brothers, "It's your thing, do what you wanna do." If you're planning one, please focus more on what you and your fiance want than what may be trending on Pinterest. Nothing against Pinterest, though! It's a great resource for inspiration and ideas. I should know; I've been planning a fake wedding for years! And if you ever have a close friend or relative planning a wedding, save your judgments on their color scheme and be excited that they found a wonderful human to share their life with! Remember: "I can't tell ya, who to sock it to."

Let's face it, we're all on a budget. Whether yours is large or small, one expense that I guarantee you will not regret shelling out for is a great photographer. One who matches your style and is a good visual storyteller. Am I a photographer? Only if you count mastering the art of the blurred cellphone pic as photography. I'm saying this because, as a scrapbooker, I work mainly with photos. You want photos you can look back on and remember every juicy detail from that delicious day . . . there go the food references again.

Marriage is hard. I'm pretty sure that's a proven fact by now. There are times that will challenge you as a couple. Your wedding album is a great place to go to get back to the reason you got married in the first place. Hopefully that reason is because you truly love, respect, and support each other and can't imagine a soul better suited for you. I'm in the business of helping people remember. Helping people share the moments that bring joy. For me, that's what scrapbooks do. Make that wedding day last a lifetime.