Scrapbooking for the Non-Scrapbooker

About six years ago, a new type of scrapbook came on the scene by K&Company. It was called the SMASH* Book. It was amazing. And while its major popularity only lasted a couple years on the craft store shelves, it's still a great way to record memories without devoting a lot time and money to your project.

SMASH* Books are pre-made scrapbooks with wire-bound pages wrapped in an embossed chipboard cover. The pages are already uniquely designed to fit a general theme. Book themes range from travel and food to nature, baby book, and many more. Even though the pages come pre-patterned, the books can still be extremely customized. The whole idea is that you just "smash" in your memories. There is no real rhyme or reason to my SMASH* books. I might have a theme for one or two pages, but mostly I just find a pretty background for my memorabilia and paste it in.

Speaking of paste . . . did I mention that SMASH* books come with the most incredible crafting invention of all time: a glue stick/pen duo! I cannot tell you enough how much I love these pens. The ink glides onto the page like silk and they've lasted for years. I also just found out they can be purchased separately and in three different colors! Did someone say shopping spree?

SMASH* Books also offer a wide range of accessories to accompany your scrapbook that all fit a similar style. This makes it easy for the beginning scrapbooker to add some fun embellishments without spending a lot of money or having too much leftover product. Here are a few pics from from the SMASH* Books I am currently working on (and have been steadily adding to for years.) However, these photos don't even begin to scratch the surface of how adorable and unique these books are. I have a long way to go. For more inspiration, simply Google "smash book ideas" or use Pinterest to see all the creative ways people have "smashed" their memories.

So, if you're looking for a quick and easy scrapbook to document a vacation or your collection of ticket stubs, SMASH* Books are the way to go. They are also perfect for young, budding scrapbooker. While they're not as popular in the craft stores anymore, you can still find them and all the embellishments for sale on Amazon and the K&Company website. And if you still can't find the time to organize your memories into one of these scrapbooks, give me a call. I got you covered!

Already have a SMASH* Book or two? Share your creativity in the comments below!