31-Day Blog Challenge: Introduction

In an effort to get back into a habit of writing, as well as help people get to know me and my business, I am participating in a 31-Day Blog Challenge! Day One is all about introductions. Who am I? What is ShoeBox Scrapbooking? Why am I on the path I am on? I'll try to keep this relatively short and sweet with equal parts thoughtful insight and fun facts.

The Basics - I was born in San Diego, CA, but spent all my growing years in Yakima, WA. I am a west coast gal through and through. After high school, I lived in Walla Walla, WA for a couple years of college before finishing up my Theatre Degree in Bellingham, WA at Western Washington University. I still reside in beautiful Bellingham, spending my days walking the boardwalk and breathing the sea air.

"But what do you do?" - I teach preschool and gymnastics as my steady day job and I love it! I've been working professionally with children for almost eight years now. Gymnastics is something I did briefly as a little person and then again on my high school's acrobatic team. I have always loved gymnastics as a way of staying strong and flexible. In addition to teaching, I am an actor with agent representation in Seattle, WA. Acting is my dream; my lifelong goal. I tried many career paths throughout the course of college, and even now, but one thing is always constant - acting. I can't NOT do it. That's when you know it's real. You can read more about my love for acting and my spiritual bond with Tina Fey here. (Disclaimer: I wrote that particular blog years ago. Please don't judge me. It's pure entertainment.)

So what about ShoeBox? - If acting is what I'm meant for in life, why in the world would I start a scrapbooking business? Well, I don't believe people are meant for one purpose. I am just not one of those people who can start a job and stay in that job for 40 years. There's nothing wrong with those people. I admire their stability, but I get so antsy when I've been doing one thing for too long. That's why I love my day job. With kids, nothing is the same from one day to the next. Even with my love for teaching, though, I needed something additional. I began brainstorming ways I could make money doing something I'm passionate about while maintaining schedule flexibility to go on auditions and pursue an acting career.

After taking a short Etsy 101 course at the local community college, I realized I could use my love of and talent for scrapbooking to make unique, handmade photo albums for others to enjoy. It was obvious to me Etsy wasn't the right platform for such a service, but that class got my creative wheels turning. After doing some research into the viability of a custom scrapbooking service, I found out there are quite a few people who are doing the same thing, but it remains a niche market.

Now some fun stuff! - 1. Who are you named after? Kirstie Alley's character in Cheers - Rebecca Howe.

2. What relaxes you? Ideally, a spa day! Most days, a glass of wine and a browse through Pinterest.

3. Favorite Food? Cheese, especially nacho cheese!

4. Favorite Movie? Back to the Future

5. First Job? Daycare at 16 years old

6. Something you wish you were an expert at? Playing the banjo!

7. Favorite Type of Book? Non-fiction, mainly biographies and sociological books

8. Favorite Actor/Actress? Julie Andrews & Michael J. Fox

9. Best School Subject? Biology

10. Introvert or Extrovert? Introvert for sure, but I love to host my own parties!

11. Where I'd like to travel next? Ireland or England

12. Favorite Day of the Week? Saturday - a day of rest

13. Favorite Sport to Play? Volleyball

14. In my free-time I like to . . ? Spend time cultivating my relationship with my man <3

15. Car I Wish I Owned? 1969 Dodge Charger

Of course this just scratches the surface of all the things going on in my brain, but I promised to keep this short! I'd love to get to know you, too! If any of these questions tickle your fancy or if you have any other questions, let me know in the comments below.