31-Day Blog Challenge: ShoeBox Scrapbooking FAQs

March 2, 2017


Day #2 of my 31-Day Blog Challenge is all about answering any questions you may have about my business. Here is the list of questions I will be covering. If you have a question that didn't make it on this list, let me know in the comments! I'm always happy to chat.


1. What is ShoeBox Scrapbooking?

2. Why would I want a custom scrapbook?

3. Why are the scrapbooking packages so expensive? What's covered in the cost?

4. Wouldn't a digital scrapbook be less wasteful?

5. I already like to scrapbook on my own. What do you have for me?

6. Ok, you convinced me. How do I get my own custom scrapbook?


1. What is ShoeBox Scrapbooking? - ShoeBox Scrapbooking is a custom scrapbooking service where I take the photos/memorabilia you want to document and turn them into a fun, personalized album. ShoeBox is for people who want their photos to come alive on a page, but don't necessarily know how to accomplish that goal themselves. Scrapbooking can be a big time and money commitment. If you aren't planning to make more than one scrapbook, it's hard to justify the investment in supplies.


2. Why would I want a custom scrapbook? - To answer this one, I can really only tell you the reasons why I think scrapbooks are important. Scrapbooks are physical reminders of times gone by. I can be pretty sentimental and love to reminisce, especially with others. Scrapbooks are a perfect way to do that. I scrapbook not only for myself, but also for my future children and grandchildren. Scrapbooks show us a side of history that a textbook or a news article can't. Imagine if Anne Frank never kept a diary. Custom scrapbooks leave behind a little proof that you lived and loved. They also make one-of-a-kind gifts for the person who already has everything!


3. Why are the scrapbooking packages so expensive? What's covered in the cost? - As most creative business owners do, I struggled with pricing. I did a lot of research into what other custom scrapbooking services are charging  and chose a competitive rate. I also took into account the amount of time and money I spend crafting each album. When you purchase a scrapbook package from ShoeBox Scrapbooking, it is a flat rate (plus applicable tax.) Shipping is included along with 20 album pages. I don't charge for a certain amount of embellishments. The scrapbooks I make are as unique as the clients, so I look at each page and decide what that page needs. It would be impossible for me to itemize cost beyond charging for extra pages beyond twenty.


4. Wouldn't a digital scrapbook be less wasteful? - Quite possibly, yes. But even if I were to make scrapbooks digitally, I would print out each page that I made. I make every effort to waste as little product as possible. I make literal "scrap"books and save almost every bit of scrap paper that is left behind from an album or card. Anything I can't reuse, I recycle. The digital age is great in a lot of ways, but the long-lasting joy I get from physical scrapbooks is worth it to me. Plus, if taken care of, these albums can last forever! That's not a waste in my book! *bad pun*


5. I already like to scrapbook on my own. What do you have for me? - Community! I love to follow what other scrapbookers are doing and share ideas. If you are already passionate about the craft, follow my Facebook page for the occasional tips and tricks of the trade!


6. Ok, you convinced me. How do I get my own custom scrapbook? - In a nutshell, you can contact me through my website and book a free consultation. Then, I'll receive your photos via DropBox or snail mail and get to work on your book. When I'm done, I'll ship it to you. Simple as that! For a more detailed version, check out my How it Works page!


Thanks for letting me share a little more about what I do and why I LOVE to do it! If I missed anything or you'd like to know more, drop me a message or leave a comment below. I look forward to crafting with you!




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