31-Day Blog Challenge: The Meaning Behind my Business Name

Day #3 of my 31-Day Challenge! Today I'll be sharing how I came up with the name, ShoeBox Scrapbooking, for my business.

What's in a name?

Naming a business is a lot like naming your kids (says the kid-less person.) It's something that will always define them. Working with kids the past eight years has shown me just how much a name means to them. They are extremely quick to correct you if you say their name wrong and can easily feel hurt by unwanted nicknames and name-calling. Sure, if they grow up to hate their name, they could change it. However, that process is quite the ordeal and still their childhood was shaped by that name.

All this to say, I took the naming process for my business very seriously. The name and logo would be the face of my business - printed on cards, t-shirts, and other promotional materials. I didn't want to force it, so I went about designing my website and planning the business without a name. It was while I was writing the About Me page of my website that genius struck! I had spent time detailing who I am and how a custom scrapbooking business became my vision. At the very end, without really thinking, I wrote - "Because some memories are too special to be tucked away in a shoebox." Ding! The light went on in my head and I thought, "There it is!" Not only had I discovered the name of my new business, I also inadvertently created a tagline. I'll admit, it's a bit long for a tagline, but as long as it fit on my business card, it was perfect!

ShoeBox Scrapbooking conceptualized a lot of what it means to be a crafter to me. I always have shoeboxes full of photos, paint chips, paper scraps, et cetera, filling up my craft room. Also, my main goal as a scrapbooker is to get your photos out of the shoebox (or more likely the hard drive) and onto the page.

Oh! And what's with the bird, you ask? It's purely because my last name is Byrd and I think little birdies are just so stinkin' adorable. My lovely boyfriend is a photoshop whiz and he helped me design this logo that I am so happy with!

So there you have it! ShoeBox Scrapbooking was born. I got lucky, though, because I was so excited about finding the perfect name that I hadn't even thought to see if there was already a business out there with the same name. Thankfully, there wasn't. If you or someone you know is trying to name a new business - or a child for that matter! - my advice is: don't force it; let it happen. Preferably before the due date. ;)

*Fun Fact* - The word "name" and its variations appear 19 times throughout this article (20 if you include this sentence!)