31-Day Blog Challenge: My Guilty Pleasure

Day #4 of my 31-Day Blog Challenge

I'm just going to come right out with it - Tostito's Salsa con Queso. It's always a pleasure. The guilt mainly comes after I finish

the entire jar . . . feeling guilty that I didn't buy a bigger jar. I'm not a huge fan of processed junk food. You won't find me perusing the Little Debbie aisle or even buying anything from a can, but when it comes to that creamy, 19-ingredient, artificially colored substance, I can't help myself. I also haven't eaten in several hours, so already this blog post is making my mouth water. I'll be right back after a snack break.

Ok, I'm back. To my dismay, I didn't have any salsa con queso on hand, but I did make a pretty tasty spinach and avocado quesadilla. And now you're hungry, aren't you? Go ahead, I'll wait. Now, there was a time I tried to find a healthier version of my beloved queso. WHAT A MISTAKE. I would rather limit my guilty pleasure consumption to once a year than eat an impostor.

I'm a big believer in giving in to your cravings every once in a while. Emphasis on "every once in a while." There's something magical about taking that first bite of tortilla chip covered in queso when I know I haven't had it in a while. My brain starts releasing all sorts of happy hormones and I truly savor each bite. I think that's something we forget to do a lot - savor.

Life gets busy, the drive-thru is easy, and lunch breaks never feel long enough. But when it comes to food, I don't just want nourishment. I want an experience. Of course I want to eat healthfully, as well. And I do, making those moments of indulgence that much more satisfying.

So next time you're able to escape from the world for a minute, find or revisit your own guilty pleasure and let it revitalize you. If you dare, share what it is in the comments below!