31-Day Blog Challenge: My Favorite Blog

As I'm getting into this blogging groove, I'm trying to read other bloggers' work as much as possible. Not just for inspiration, but also to support the hard work that I now know these writers go through. One blog in particular, I've been following for years. It's a lifestyle blog called A Beautiful Mess. I love everything about the design and content of this blog. It has evolved over the years, but has stayed especially relevant for a crafter/scrapbooker like me.

How I Learned About ABM: I was a freshman in college in 2010 - about the time A Beautiful Mess was picking up speed. My friend, Amanda (who is also an amazing creative mind) introduced me to the world of blogging through tumblr. - a microblogging and social sharing site. At the same time, I was also introduced to StumbleUpon, which is basically a site full of other webpages that you can literally "stumble upon" based on your interests. If memory serves me right, it was either on StumbleUpon or from Amanda where I first learned about ABM.

What's the Appeal?: What first caught my eye was the beautiful photographs and design. The founder, Elsie Larson, is a lovely photographer with a clean, simple, almost dream-like style.

The Content: When I first started reading ABM, I remember reading mostly DIY home projects. Now, it has expanded to include food/drinks, ideas for every room of your home, tips on photography/business/blogging, hair/makeup, crafts, and my favorite - scrapbooking! They even offer a monthly scrapbooking kit called Messy Box. Anything you could possibly be looking for inspiration on, they've got it!

Today's post by A Beautiful Mess

So, if you're interested in anything that has to do with, you know, life - check out their website. If you like design and pretty things, I guarantee you will find something to enjoy. If nothing else, check out their story! It's so fascinating to learn how people started out in their creative business. Hopefully, in a few years I can look back be amazed at far my business has grown and changed. When that happens, it will be partial thanks to all the creative support and inspiration from sites like ABM.

All photos are courtesy of A Beautiful Mess. I am in no way affiliated with Elsie, Emma, or their business - just a big fan! Check them out at www.abeautifulmess.com