What's up with LipSense?

This post is for those of you who struggle to find a lipstick, gloss, or balm with great color that you don't have to constantly reapply. Recently, LipSense has come on the scene with a solution to the dry, chapped, color-fading lipstick dilemma.

Despite the overwhelmingly positive reviews from those who have tried it, the only way to really learn about it is word of mouth. Even the company's website doesn't give much information or do any advertising for the product. They don't really need to! For some, this can be a little disconcerting or feel like a scam, but once you've talked to a real person who has tried the product, you'll realize how legitimate it is.

Here to answer some questions about this coveted new product is my best friend and LipSense distributor, Amelia Junt.

What is Lipsense? - It's basically a lip color that bonds with your lips and is essentially permanent for the entire day. It doesn't fade or flake off and the most unbelievable part for me was: it doesn't come off when you kiss! - I know a certain someone who is very excited about that. The LipSense color does not hydrate on its own, so LipSense also has a shea gloss that permeates the layer of pigment to hydrate your lips without smearing the color. LipSense also works to heal and hydrate dry lips, so many users go through an exfoliation process. You may feel a tingling sensation as the cosmetic-grade alcohol (SD40) sluffs off dead skin and kills bacteria.

When I first saw Amelia wearing LipSense, she had a cup she was drinking from. I immediately noticed how there was absolutely no color transfer from her lips to the straw. Not the case with traditional lipsticks. I always leave a color trail wherever my lips have been.

How Long Does it Last? - Each color application will last all day. The only thing you may need to reapply, especially as a new user, is the gloss. As far as the entire container is concerned, it is the equivalent of four tubes of lipstick. Once opened, LipSense can last up to three years before drying out. Unopened, it has a shelf life of around 5-7 years.

What Made You Want to Sell? - Someone from work added me to their LipSense Facebook group. After I tried it, I realized I wanted pretty much all the colors. Of course, that gets expensive, but I found out that LipSense distributors get the product at a 50% discount. People had already started asking me about the brand when I started wearing it, so I figured there was a market for me to sell to. I was really nervous about selling at first, but once people tested and heard more about the product, orders started coming in!

Who Needs LipSense? - Everyone! But really, it's especially perfect for performers, athletes, busy moms, and anyone who has an active job and can't worry about reapplying their lipstick all the time.

Amelia is a nurse and LipSense will last an entire 12-hour shift and beyond. I'm an actor, so I know the struggle to find a lipstick that won't transfer during the "kissing scene." Anybody who wants to add a little pop to their lips, but maintain their active lifestyle, can benefit from LipSense.

How Can I Buy? - If you want to buy directly from Amelia (because she's awesome) you can order through her Facebook group: Lipsense with Amelia. If you're not in the Yakima, WA area and want to buy from someone locally, you can visit the LipSense website and enter your zip code to be matched with a distributor in your area.

Don't just take our word for it! If you're tired of buying lipstick only to use half the tube before abandoning it, give LipSense a try! There's no parties and no pressure. Just contact a distributor and get your sample. You'll see and feel the difference.