31-Day Blog Challenge: Life Happens

I'm writing really late because it has been a whirlwind of a weekend. I was supposed to be joining my best friend and her family in Las Vegas for the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. We arrived Thursday and it was a splendid reunion. Ever since we moved away from each other during college, it's always a rare and wonderful treat when I get to spend time with her. We watched the hauler parade and had a buffet dinner. All was right with the world. Then Friday came and my friend started to get an infection above her lip. It started to swell to the point where she couldn't open her mouth enough to eat dinner.

Later that night, it was so swollen that she sought medical help through an on-call doctor over the phone. He wrote a prescription for antibiotics, but in the wee hours of the morning she woke up with the feeling that her lip was going to explode. She went to the hospital and they weren't too helpful. Their advice was to drain the infected area by poking or squeezing it and keep heat on it, but they wouldn't do it for her. Well, that advice led to a deeper infection and by Saturday night, we found ourselves in a different hospital with a very different diagnosis. The heat and prodding only made her lip swell more and a CT scan revealed how deep the infection was. Her white blood cell count was also pretty high, indicating that her body was clearly trying to fight something. Their solution was to have it removed by a maxillofacial surgeon. Unfortunately, this sent us to yet another hospital because they didn't have that type of surgeon at this facility. We stayed in the ER at the final hospital until 1:00am on Sunday when she told us to go get some sleep, so we could head to the speedway in the morning. She didn't get admitted to a room until 6:00am, when we were already on our way to the racetrack. After the race, we went back to the hospital to see her and she is currently feeling like poop. They were able to drain some of her lip, but it remains swollen. She'll have to spend at least another day, possibly missing her flight home.

I'm flying out in the morning, so I already had to have my goodbyes with her. It's such a bittersweet weekend, seeing my best friend in so much unnecessary pain, but also enjoying my first time at the races. One thing that I really admired this weekend, was her attitude about the whole thing. Yes, she was/is in a lot of pain, but when one thing kept leading to another, she kept a cool head and did what needed to be done. We were still able to make each other laugh, often laughing at how unbelievable this whole weekend has become. She still wanted us to be able to have fun, even though I'm sure she wasn't. I would find myself feeling guilty throughout the day when I wasn't with her, but then I would think, "I'd want the exact same thing!" I wouldn't want four people just watching me in my hospital bed all day while I lay around waiting for a doctor. Life happens. And for as much "life" as she has gone through this weekend, she's been a trouper. She definitely deserves a vacation from this vacation.

So that's the short story for the day - Life happens. You can't control that. It's how you react to your situations that matters most. Happy late Sunday!