31-Day Blog Challenge: Hey, Girl. What's your Sign?

From the title, you may think this is a post about pick-up lines, modern dating, or Ryan Gosling. Well, it may be a little bit about Ryan Gosling. My topic today is my Zodiac sign and whether or not it fits my personality.

Whether you're really into astrology or don't really know much about it, we all know what our sign is. Many people believe your astrological sign has a large influence on your personal affairs. Personally, I enjoy reading the descriptions of my sign's personality/tendencies and will occasionally read my horoscope if I stumble upon it. Other than that, I don't delve too deep into the astrology of it or use my sign as a compass for making real-life decisions.

Traits of a Gemini

My sign is Gemini. Sign of the Twins. I always wanted to be a twin growing up and was obsessed with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen - also Geminis. Some key traits of Geminis are:


-Adjustable and Versatile

-Enthusiastic and Outgoing


-Witty and Quick-thinking



-Constantly Changing

For the most part, I exhibit these traits a great deal. I especially need to constantly be doing something new and exciting. This is probably why I hold multiple, high-energy and creative jobs. I am an actor, preschool teacher, and scrapbooking entrepreneur. Nothing boring or routine there! As I've gotten older, however, I've become less outgoing and more shy. This is not to say I like being alone. On the contrary, I always want to be around friends, but take a long time to warm up to people. Once I've gained a best friend or romantic partner, I hold on tight and spend as much quality time with them as possible.

The one trait on this list that I don't feel I identify with is impulsive. I prefer to make decisions in a calculating, researched manner. This can lead to indecisiveness, though - another Gemini quality. I can change moods in an instant, often without knowing why. This bi-polar quality can be frustrating, but also useful. I am able to see multiple sides of an issue and mediate for others. This is very helpful in the classroom!

Fact or Superstition?

Regardless of how you feel about astrology and looking to the universe for answers, there's something to said about the qualities of the sign you were born under. Even in relationships. My boyfriend is a Scorpio and while I have never felt more perfectly matched with someone, some of the problems we run into are a result of the personality traits listed under our signs. Do I let my sign keep me from doing the things I want to do or interacting with the people I want to interact with? Of course not. I regard these traits as mere tendencies that can be overcome if needed. But it is entertaining to learn about.

What about you? Do you identify with the qualities of your Zodiac sign?

Oh yeah, I did promise a little Ryan Gosling, didn't I? :)