Chai Tea-Infused Whiskey

Chai infused whiskey

Day #17 of my 31-day blog challenge was almost non-existent. I actually almost gave up and resigned myself to trying again tomorrow. Then I thought, "What a terrible attitude to have!" Surely, there is some bit of knowledge or experience that can be written about and shared. As I was thinking about what to make for dinner, it hit me - I want to share my recipe for chai-infused whiskey! Anybody who knows me knows I love my chai and I'd been keeping this delicious secret to myself. Until now!

I first made this a couple years ago during the fall. A new bar opened in town with specialty infused cocktails. My favorite was their root beer & chai whiskey blend. I knew I had to replicate it. After a couple days I promptly forgot all about my intentions to create my own version until a month later at Christmas. I received Lovewild Organic Tea Vials in my stocking, which included a rooibos chai. I knew I had an unopened bottle of Pendleton waiting for me at home, so the time had come! It turned

out so delicious and will stay good pretty much forever in the freezer. I infuse in small batches, but I'm sure this recipe could be doubled, if needed. As you can see, there's not much of my last batch left!

Chai-Infused Whiskey (Chiskey)


8 oz of your favorite Whiskey (I used Pendleton)

3 Tbsp of chai tea (only a loose leaf version in a sachet - not liquid or chai latte mix!)


1. Soak in a sealed jar for at least 2 hours (leaving it overnight is fine.)

2. Strain into another jar or airtight container

3. Enjoy with your favorite mixer or on its own!

There you go! Simple as that. Have you ever infused your own alcohol before?