Binge-Watch Fever

While the boy is away, the girl will . . . binge-watch a ton of episodes of a show I can't get him to watch with me. My boyfriend is gone for a few days, so I'm snuggling up to Fuller House. Go ahead. Judge all you want.

With all the movie remakes and reunion shows, this seems to be the most nostalgic generation yet. And boy am I a sucker for nostalgia. I watched every single episode of Full House multiple times growing up. It's one of the few shows that has a multitude of characters, but makes you fall in love with each one. I was stoked when I heard Fuller House was coming out, especially since it features all the original characters, sans Mary-Kate and Ashley. I think part of the reason I wasn't disappointed by it, like so many people are when their favorite shows are redone, is because I had very few expectations.

I knew the show would start off by pandering to the old fans who wanted to hear catchphrases and see the old crew again. But after the pilot episode blew off all its nostalgic steam, I really enjoyed the new development of characters. The original adults left the show for the most part and the story centered on DJ raising her family, just like Danny did twenty years prior. The episodes are modern and original in their own right, with just the right amount of throwback. And so many dance numbers that make my heart happy. While there are a few kitschy moments and a couple overly-goofy new characters, it's easy to finish a season in one weekend.

If you're a sentimental 1980s/90s nerd, give Fuller House a try. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Um, is this even a question?