31-Day Blog Challenge: What I Learned

I made it! Today is the last day of March and I have blogged consecutively for 31 days in a row! A small, but sweet victory.

Why I Started - I started this challenge essentially because I wanted to promote my new business. My website comes enabled with a blog, so why not utilize it? I have always enjoyed writing and saw this as an opportunity to sharpen that skill. I also just enjoy a challenge!

How I Chose Each Topic - I first saw the blog challenge on Pinterest. There are so many lists out there full of writing

prompts for each day. I chose one and started with the first day, an introduction. Being the independent person that I am, by the second day, I was already deviating from the list. It wanted me to list 20 Facts about myself, but instead I posted facts and frequently asked questions about my business. From that day on, I would occasionally consult the list to see if there was a topic I was interested in blogging about. Mostly, I would draw from recent experience to decide what to write about each day. I ended up using less than a third of the topics from this original list I found. There were definitely a couple of days where I would completely draw a blank and would scour Pinterest again for inspiration. Somehow, I always found something to write about.

What I Learned - Firstly, that I have more self-discipline than I thought. If only I could use that discipline to get myself to exercise more . . . . I also learned that no matter how many times I proofread my blog post, my boyfriend will still find an error. I'm beginning to think he's hacking my blog and placing them there himself. Another lesson was the importance of planning. For most of the month, I was able to stay a day ahead of the blog by writing the night before and scheduling my post. For the last week, I've been playing it fast and loose. Today was also my last day of teaching before spring break, so my mind has been in relaxation mode lately.

My Biggest Challenge - The most difficult thing for me when it comes to blogging is the visual aspect. No one wants to read a blog without pictures. This is especially true if the blog post is about food or a DIY project. Photographs make me look like I know what the heck I'm talking about and inspire people to actually try it for themselves. Now that I won't be pressuring myself to write every single day, I'm going to put more care and effort into taking photos for my blog posts. Good ones. Ideally, not with my cell phone anymore.

If you're interested in blogging, but don't know where to start, I highly recommend following a Blog Challenge regimen. Whatever your blog is about, there are topic ideas out there to guide you. They are a great starting point, but I encourage you to tweak the ideas and make them your own! I don't blog for a living, nor do I plan to. It's just meant to be an accompaniment to my website and place to provide a more in-depth look into my business. I'm grateful that the pressure is off now, but I'm excited to keep blogging!

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