The Proposal

A friend of mine came to me wanting to make an album to give to his girlfriend just before proposing to her. The album would showcase how they met and all that they've done together while dating.

As I began to go through the photos he sent, I realized what an adventurous couple they are! Every photo showed them camping, hiking, backpacking, BMX racing, travelling, and generally just being awesome. The Pixar movie, UP, instantly came to mind and the Adventure Book that Ellie and Carl made. I ordered one online and got to work.

This was definitely a different type of album than I am used to. It has no page protectors, which inevitably makes it susceptible to damage. But I used my strongest adhesives and I am told that the book is being well-loved. After all, bent corners only add to the charm!

What the Client had to Say:

"Becky is a joy to work with, a true expert at what she does, and an absolute artist at preserving moments.

For years, my memories lay in boxes and on hard drives, but when I found that special someone, I wanted to present to her a beautiful collection of our memories. Not only was my scrapbook absolutely beautiful, but it absolutely captured the spirit of our relationship. I gave it to my (now) fiance when I proposed and she agrees how wonderful and beautiful it is to have a collection of our memories to turn through, page by page. Best of all, there is room to grow, so I can continue to add more memories as the years go on. I think the scrapbook may have actually been the best, most well-planned part of my proposal.

Having my memories preserved and turned into a work of art and a beautiful display piece by Becky was the best decision I could have made."

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